About: Teach This!

Revolutionize Lit (Teach this!): an ongoing list of ideas and strategies for teachers of all levels.

The goal is to mobilize a revolution in teaching literature, once considered a moribund affair and now gaining increasing life thanks to innovative teachers at all levels: elementary, secondary, and university.

Creative projects: we can breathe energy into literature by empowering students to craft artifacts (altered books, especially, but also collages, videos, paintings) that reflect on their readings and incite them to shape the text into an entirely new creation.

Collective utopianism: the multi-national writing of utopias–a project that to date has united groups from France–metropolitan and l’Île de la Réunion–and the USA allows students to join their teachers in imagining a better world.

Projects, games, and strategies: simple and proven strategies exist to keep students motivated and even have fun in the classroom, all the while tackling some pretty sophisticated topics.

Revolutionize Lit is closely tied to A Revolution in Fiction, designed as a collaborative weblog to encourage exchanges among literature, history, art history, and the human sciences across the ages.



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